|what is a fetish


Well, I think you might understand that I am talking about sexual fetishism here. So it has something to do with sexual arousal. When a man sees a naked breast, something usually happens to his body and mind. He gets sexually aroused, without being able to control this and everybody understands this. It is like getting appetite from smelling pizza…Because everybody likes pizza, right?

But what if it is not (just) a naked genital body-part that provokes this reaction in a person. What if somebody doesn’t (just) like pizza and chocolate pie and whatever we all know as tasty in the general opinion. Maybe someone really loves the taste of raw carrots or even… let’s say, the peal of a banana. It can be anything you can think of, because taste is different for everyone.

If a person experiences sexual arousal as a reaction to something other than the genital body parts, this is called sexual fetishism and the object that arouses the person is his or her fetish. In my opinion this doesn’t have to be an actual object. It can also be a certain action or situation that provokes the arousal. But the medical definition only lists the objects, body-parts and body-fluids as possible fetishes.

Also very important. As soon as a fetish is causing serious distress or harm to someone, it is not just a fetish anymore.  If this is the case the person would have an illness and it would be important for this person to get help. Note: In all other cases having a fetish is not an illness and having a fetish has nothing to do with a persons mental health condition.

If you want to read more, I think wikipedia has a quit acurate discription with many more details. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_fetishism

If you want some examples of fetishes, please read and watch the posts on this website. I am always trying to stay without judgement and as open minded as possible. That way, I hope to give you an honest view of the true meaning of the word and I hope to show you what having  a certain kind of fetish really means.

If you are not sure weather you have a fetish or not. You can write to me and I will try to answer your question.