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Sessions will always be recorded and posted on this website and other platforms. You can find more information here: About this project


Well hi, you are probably here, because something about your fetish is bothering you. That is what I want to help you with!

I can chat or talk to you in a 40 minute long personal advice session and in the week after the session I will also write you an elaborated personal advice message. THIS IS ALL COMPLETELY FREE, because my project is just at its beginning. I can only really start this project, after I have several sessions that I can use to show people what the project is about.

I am a very understanding and open minded psychologist. I know a lot about fetishes, but the main thing that I have learned over the years is, that, when it comes to fetishes, there is no limit. Even though everybody thinks their fetish is the most bizarre, there is always something more uncommon, something less expected. Most people are ashamed about the bizarreness of their fetish, but I think that we should appreciate this diversity and that it is something we should be happy about.

So yes, you can talk to me about anything! Of course I might be surprised, but that is nothing to worry about. I would love to learn about your fetish and what it means to you, so that I can understand you and help you with your problem.

Sometimes there is not such a clear problem, maybe you just need to talk to somebody about this big secret, that no one ever understands. Of course I am there for you!
Sometimes the problem is complicated and more questions need to be answered or different coping strategies need to be learned to find a solution. In this case we might need more than just one session. Let’s just get started and we will see where it leads us!
Sometimes a problem can’t be solved and the only thing that I can help you with is finding peace with it. Please don’t get blue now! Most problems we can tackle, as long as you are willing to go for it!
When you book a session I will reply to you as soon as I have read your booking-form. I will send you an e-mail to confirm and to find a fitting time and a date for the session.
(If you did not recieve the confirmation e-mail after booking, please check your spam-folder! Thank you!)


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