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There are three important things that I want to reach with this project.
First of all, I want to help people with fetish related problems that usually wouldn’t be able to get help, because they couldn’t afford it or because they were to ashamed.
Second I think that there is too much of a taboo around the subject fetishes. Lots of people worry about perfectly fine things, because there is no talking about this subject. I want more openness about fetishes in general.

The third goal of this site, is to provide information for people with questions.

So how does it work?
I am a psychologist with extended knowledge about fetishes. For this project, I will offer personal advice in anonymous chat- or typing sessions for a very low price. The sessions will be recorded and will be posted on this website and on other platforms. These sessions can be watched (partly for free and partly for a small payment) by people with similar questions or problems or by people that are just curious. This way lots of people can be helped and a lot of information can get spread at the same time. Because of the natural character that the sessions will have (even the most uncommon fetish is something we can talk about in a normal way) viewers will get more understanding and open about the different fetishes.
Do you think this is a good project?
You could be one of my first clients or customers. If you want to sign up for an advice session please go to “Free advice session (first 3 only)“. If you want to view other peoples sessions please come back soon or sign up for the newsletter.

If you just want to let me know that I am doing something right, please don’t hesitate. I can use every motivating comment. Please write me your message as a testimonial.

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