|about me


Hi, I’m Addy. I am a woman that does things her own way. Still I lead a very regular life.

Yes I have a husband, yes I have children, yes I have a fetish, or actually more than one and yes my hobbies are watching tv and doing things with friends. All very normal I guess.

I love to help people and to be there when someone needs to talk. That is why I studied psychology. I worked as a psychologist for one year. Then I became a mum and ever since I have been at home with my children. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t extand my knollage about helping people.

I am personally very interested in the secret world of fetishes and causes of sexual arousall for different people. To me it is hard to understand that something with such a beatifull amount of diversity has no place in our sociaty and therefor must bring incredible feelings of shame and guilt into our world. Don”t get me wrong, of course a healthy amount of shame is apropriate when it comes to certain things and a lot of fetishes even build on this shame and forbiddenness. I don’t want everyone to just do and say whatever they like without any counsious. I just think it is totally wrong to ignore the fact that so many people have no where to go to with their feelings of shame and guilt. Fetishes should be something everybody knows and understands about, so that everyone can be more understanding toward each other.

I have researched a lot and I have talked to and helped many people. I have learned so much about all these feelings and wishes, that now, I want to offer my advice to all the people out there that have questions and problems related to fetishes.

What else might you want to know about me?
Just some facts that show you that I am just a person:
-My house is never as tidy as I would want it to be, there are always clothes or toys laying around in every room.
-I get wrinkles in my face even though I am too young for that.
-When I say something wrong I get as red as a tomato.
-I love to eat fish.
-I don’t like the taste of chocolate with mint.
-I am really tierd right now.